Picked up job at electronic recycling center

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> Subject: Picked up job at electronic recycling center
> I recently picked up a job at an electronic recycling center. Harris is right
> around the corner from us, as well as a bunch of technical schools and
> aerospace related businesses. All of thier old stuff ends up at the shop to be
> resold as surplus or broken down and scrapped.
> There tends to be to much to process, and inside space is limited.
> Excess equipment is stored outside in tents, and it goes to crap quite quickly
> unfortunately. The humidity and rain destroys stuff outside quickly. I am
> uncertain of how many requests I will get, but if anyone is looking for
> something in particular, please send me an email and I will keep an eye out for
> you. The place is a goldmine, and a lot of nice older gear is going to waste
> because the store owners do not know what it is.
> Examples of stuff that comes in are old microcomputers like the c64, nice 486
> like machines with good isa cards in them, TONS of HP and tectronics test
> equipment, ham radio gear, you name it.
> There is a ton of good stuff here, i am trying to find some a good home before
> it gets stripped out.
> Some of this stuff works fine, the tandy 1000 computer I picked up this weekend
> works flawlessly for example. Other things are in a broken or parts state, but
> within reach of repair. There is a lot of new gear there as well, not many
> machines come in with nice graphics cards in them, but tons of workstations
> with lots of ram and hard drives are common. We get so many servers they are
> broken down almost immediately unless they are particularly new or unique in
> some way.
> Lets see how busy my inbox gets, if you are in need of something, please send
> me an email, i can keep an eye out for it and hopefully be of service.I work on
> Saturdays, that is the day i will be on site to look for things.
> Stuff will be priced as surplus/used. Hopefully i  can be of use and keep some of
> this stuff out of the scrap pile.

That is a great offer Devin, you don't say where you live, but I guess the USA.

Personally, being a bit of a hoarder I wonder if I could do a job like that, seeing nice stuff being scrapped. It is a bit like my son, he loves animals and is great with them, but when I suggest he volunteers at an animal rescue he says he wouldn't be able to cope with the ones that are suffering.



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