Cleaning and Restoring a Badly Corroded PSU

Maciej W. Rozycki macro at
Mon Oct 30 07:12:27 CDT 2017

Hi Rob,

> By the way I just noticed a 15uF/25V one next to the fan connector. It isn't
> one of the SXF ones as far as I can tell, do you recall replacing it?

 My notes indicate it is a Chemi-Con SM, a general purpose 85°C part.  I 
did replace it at least once, in one of my H7826s that didn't actually get 
to leaking (yet?) and was still in a working condition.  I suspect doing 
the replacement didn't really matter, as measuring the original gave 
reasonable readings for its class.

 I also have a later revision of H7826 which has LXF rather than SXF 
capacitors and this one looks really clean, almost like new, and also 
works correctly.  I am in two minds about recapping this one, because 
despite of the good shape of the PSU my sources indicate the LXF parts 
have also suffered from the quaternary ammonium salt syndrome.  I'll yet 
check the ESR for any suspicious raise.


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