HEXTIr - TI HexBus SD Drive

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ok ..  does this  mean I can put lots of  ti 99/4 software  on the   sd 
card  for people to play with  in the  museum?
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> In case anyone has a fondness  for niche tech...
> At VCF-SE this year, the TI folks had a  great exhibit, and perusing
> it I saw an unfamiliar machine, the TI  CC-40 (Compact Computer-40).
> While I was investigating, the exhibitor  (MillipedeMan aka Mark),
> told me the machines were frustrating to use,  as TI only supported
> one communications method on the unit, a  proprietary protocol called
> HexBus, and produced very low quantities  of very few peripherals that
> work on the bus. Most frustratingly, they  never producing a mass
> storage device in any appreciable quantity, and  there was no other
> way to save programs written on the unit.
> Mark did note there was an eBay seller liquidating units, so I  bought
> a 2 unit combo from eBay before I left the show.
> Sadly, Summer happened, but I was finally able to get to the  unit,
> and started working on an SD-based mass storage device for the  unit.
> It was an interesting journey to learn a new protocol.
> The (development in progress) result is HEX-TI-r, the HexBus SD  drive:
> GitHub source code is here:  https://github.com/go4retro/HEXTIr
> Video of unit operating:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX5ahVCRdvM
> I don't have a  project page up yet, but will work on that.
> Jim

Nice work, Jim. Thanks for the effort you've put into  this.


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