Look to get a copy of a Multi-Tech FM300 Modem manual

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they  claim FIRST ACOUSTIC COUPLER IN 1970.... nah... 
GE  1968

My customer has an Olivetti

terminal that he wants to use

on GE Time-Sharing Service.

How much does our acoustic

coupler cost and what is the

rental fee?

The TDM 114 acoustic coupler

rents for $25 a month (including

maintenance by service

shops) and sells for $395. The

TDM 115 acoustic coupler costs

Aug.  1968 GE service  Note  - time share  etc 
Multi-Tech says... 
1970: Dr.  Sharma founds and incorporates Multi-Tech Systems, renting new 
office  space in the basement of the Schneider's Drug building in 
Minneapolis. He sells  the world's first acoustic coupler to Professor Schmitt, 
inventor of the Schmitt  trigger, for $300. 
worlds first?   hmmm... Not. 
Remember too the  Deaf had acoustic couplers prior   to  1970 also! 
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How accurate is this  Multi-Tech history?


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That  would be great. Next year as one of my teleprinter  demonstrations I
want to  have a
Teletype 33 or 35 and the FM300  and a Bell System 500 rotary dial   desk


On Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 8:20  PM,  Chris Elmquist <chrise at pobox.com> wrote:

> Give me a  day or  two and I think I can help you out.  I used to work  at
> Multi-Tech  when the FM300 was still a product.  I have  several along 
>  original schematics, which are "blue  prints"...
> I have almost  as many stories about  Multi-Tech as I do ETA ;-)
>  Chris
> On  October 29, 2017 1:40:03 PM CDT, Pete Lancashire via  cctalk <
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> >I've acquired  a Multi-Tech  FM300 acoustic modem and even though I could
> >figure  out the  pin-outs
> >and switch settings, it would be great if I could   get a copy of the
> >original manual.
> >
>  >Goal  is to add it to a Teletype 33 or 35 and a Bell System 500  desk

>  >set.
> >
> >-pete
>  --
> Chris   Elmquist

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