DEC RX03 RT11A file extractor

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue Oct 31 20:21:50 CDT 2017


This is the first time I've run across a bunch of double-sided 8"
double-density floppies in RX02 encoding.  I'm assuming that this is
what's known as the RX03.  The system is identified on disk as RT11A.

Does anyone know of a program to extract the files from images of this
sort (1,025,024 bytes:  26x256 sectors/track, 2 sides, 77 tracks)?

I've tried John Wilson's PUTR, but it hangs when it sees the image--I
can mount the image, but then anything after that just hangs the program.

I'd prefer a Linux program, but DOS/Windows would be fine.  Otherwise,
I'll sharpen my pencil and get coding...


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