The origin of the phrases ATA and IDE [WAS:RE: formatting MFM drives on a IBM PC]

Jon Elson elson at
Mon Oct 2 10:16:17 CDT 2017

On 10/02/2017 09:04 AM, allison via cctech wrote:
> On 10/2/17 9:40 AM, william degnan wrote:
>>     ATA-IDE and SCSI (OK SASI) are about the same age but 
>> had
>>     different adoption and growth rates.
>>     Earliest SASI/SCSI was AmproLB+ and Visual 1050 with 
>> adaptor.  I
>>     have both with hard disks.
>>     FYI the Z80 powered AMPROLB+ was 1984 introduction.
>> The Commodore D9060/D9090 pre-dates these and was a SASI 
>> derivative, right?  Not that it matters which was first, 
>> but just wanted to mention the CBM hard drive too. I have 
>> worked with the Visual and CBM drives, but never seen the 
> Hi Bill,
> I used those as I knew the dates well having them since new.
> Ampro was a basic 64K Z80 system with mini (5.25) or 
> micro(3.5) inch floppy interface and if purchased the 5380 
> parallel/SCSI/SASI adaptor chip.  With it you could use 
> the varios boards (Adaptec or Xybec) and the Shugart 20mb 
> SASI drive with the existing software supplied.  I modded 
> the BIOS to adapt it for a Fujitsu 45mb 3.5" SCSI drive a 
> few years later. and it would work with most current 
> generation SCSI-1 drives save for partitioning and 
> initializing.
> The visual was actually older and used TTL to create SASI 
> (scsi look alike) bus and the same adaptors
> and drives to complete the hard disk side like the Ampro.
> I still feel the SCSI bus was inspired by IEE488 (GPIB).
Nope, inspired by IBM selector channel bus.  This was stated 
in an early SASI or SCSI document, and the
names of the signals are pretty close to the signal names on 
the tag cable for a selector channel.

I bought a Memorex 10 MB drive and SASI adaptor on an 
introductory deal in a magazine.  This was in about 
1980-1982.  I had it on my Z-80 CP/M system.


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