That Tek 405x QIC Tape.

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> On 10/3/17 2:50 AM, Jos Dreesen via cctalk wrote:
>> Al is maintaining a set of ROM images for these machines, are tape images covered somewhere ?
>> Do we have an fixed tape image format, as has been done with Dave's IMD for floppies ?
> As far as I know, no one has successfully made a copy of a Tek cartridge tape in an image format.
> The tapes use two tracks, one for clock and one for data. Encoding beyond that has not been determined.
> I still have several boxes of these including ones that are supposed to have Battlestar Galatica data
> but I have bigger projects to deal with right now.
Sounds like a similar system to what Burroughs used on their cassettes; I always thought that they'd be a lot easier to read than the 'normal' formats with embedded clock signals and always intended to try to read some of the tapes I have here some day. 

May have to move it up a few pages of my to-do list now that you've reminded me, although I doubt that there's much interest 'out there' in 'L' series software...


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