formatting MFM drives on a IBM PC

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> On 09/29/2017 06:07 AM, Paul Koning wrote:
>> There are chips that convert between serial and parallel ATA; one of
>> those could perhaps be used.  I'm more used to applying them for
>> attaching a serial ATA controller to a parallel ATA drive, but
>> possibly they might work in the other direction as well.  Not clear
>> if they are still common products, given that parallel ATA is pretty
>> old, but they may still be available.
> Oh, I've got a pile of such converters--workability is variable.
> What I was saying is that I've never seen an ISA interface card to a
> SATA drive.  Have you?
> --Chuck
Well, I haven't seen an IDE interface card to a PATA drive either for quite a while since they started integrating everything into the motherboard but OK, I'll grant you that you'd probably need a PATA>SATA adapter if you wanted to Attach a SATA drive to a genooine IBM AT.



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