HP 7970E - interest to split?

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Fri Sep 29 10:56:43 CDT 2017

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Verzonden: vrijdag 29 september 2017 05:57
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Onderwerp: Re: HP 7970E - interest to split?

Update: I bought the Kennedy 9800 as it pushed all my buttons at once.

Now I'm looking for 8" mag tapes/reels that will fit! Anyone know where I
can find these, maybe 3pcs? I could laser-cut some frosted acrylic or
machine some frosted polycarbonate I suppose but I'd rather just buy it,
plus that would include a dust cover.

On a related note my plan is to make a USB-based, Pertec-compatible
controller for it. Not sure how SimH connects with peripherals so I'm
/very/ eager to talk with someone familiar with its workings. I'll also
release all the board files and firmware as open-source. Timeline as always
is completely unknown, though I do have a now-vested interest in making it

Be well!

Looking forward to see that controller “materialize”.

I could -give- you 3 8” mag tapes with (manual) sealing ring, but the
catch is, I am in the Netherlands.  Don’t know what shipping cost
would be, but my guess is between $25 - $35.
If you cannot get the 8” tapes over there, this might be an option.

I saw the 9800 auction briefly. Nice looking unit!  From memory, the
tape reel has the same size as fitting on the TS03?  I will measure the
reel dimensions tomorrow to make sure that they are 8”. I have open
reel tapes in 2 sizes, so probably it is 10.5” and 8”, although ISTR that
the size was 7”.


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