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Cory - good  suggestion about the double sided  tape.
what  was the orig. bonding material between   face glass  and  tube? just 
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It's the understood chemical decomposition of the  adhesive that holds the 
screen shield to the CRT.  It's pretty much  inevitable, from what I 
understand.  The solution is to separate the  shield from the CRT, clean the face 
of the CRT and reattach the  shield.  Some people don't reattach it, and some 
people think they are  risking serious injury - no opinion. Will the newer 
adhesives hold up  better?  We hope so.  -- Ian 


Ian S. King,  MSIS, MSCS, Ph.D. Candidate
The Information School

A common trick amongst TV collectors with the  large 23" round CRTs is to 
carefully remove the tube and place it face down in  a kiddy pool of lukewarm 
water. Let it sit an hour or two in the sun and the  faceplate will slide 
right off. 

To re-adhere the glass after cleaning, one technique is  to use double 
sided foam tape on the face around the perimeter; similar  thickness to the 
original PVA and holds well, especially if under slight  compression once the 
tube is reinstalled.  -C

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