Help diagnosing boot issue SWTPC 6800

Nick Allen mail.nickallen at
Mon Jan 1 17:34:16 CST 2018

cleaning the connector pins with a brass brush solved the issue, thanks 

On 1/1/2018 5:03 PM, Nick Allen wrote:
> Thanks for the tips everyone!  I can confirm power is GOOD, and the 
> problem persists even without the RAM installed (Just CPU and MP-C or 
> MP-S board).  I am going to clean the buss connectors and see if it 
> helps!
> On 1/1/2018 12:32 PM, Nick Allen wrote:
>> Hey everyone, Happy New Years!  I am thankful for an active community 
>> that enjoys helping each other learn, and today I am coming with an 
>> ask for help.
>> I have a SWTPC 6800 and ADM3A terminal, I can get it to boot, and 
>> when it boots it will continue to boot for several hours. But getting 
>> it to successfully boot takes upwards of 100 power OFF and ON 
>> cycles.  The other 99 times, I get a continuous stream of random 
>> ASCII characters (see video link below).  It's my first time seeing 
>> this type of issue that happens intermittently, and wondering if 
>> anyone has any insights in what might be causing this.  I suspect its 
>> a faulty IC on the Processor board that resets or controls the OS 
>> reset, will need to deep dive and diagnose, but thought I would ask 
>> for some direction first.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> -Nick

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