Foxboro drum indicator panel

steven at steven at
Tue Jan 2 02:03:25 CST 2018

Seeing Noel's blinkenlights project and list of panels, for interest's sake here is a picture and
decription of the Foxboro drum indicator panel from one of the hardware manuals.

There was no trace of any panel nor drum when I recovered the Foxboro 2/10 (PDP-11/15) but I did
find the print set for the above panel (schematics only, no panel hardware details), and a set of
RC11 modules (6 flip chips) wrapped with an error list printout. I'm not even sure if there was a
drum fitted, as none of the notes I found for the actual installation mention it.
There was no other drive in the rack when I got there, so I'm baffled as to what device the cards
went to.


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