QSIC update and request

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Jan 2 12:13:44 CST 2018

    > From: Toby Thain

    > If the documentation is good enough, people in the community will be
    > able to provide the software.

You mean, host drivers?

Yeah, that documentation will be pretty trivial: 'there's this extra
register, just like the one in the RLV12; the top 6 bits of the DMA memory
address go in there - the bottom two bits are mirrored into the two extended
memory bits in the CSR'. For the 'extended' RP11, not much more than that.

If you mean the 'software' for additional controllers - that would be a _lot_
harder (plus to which it's an entirely different tool-chain, yadda-yadda).
'Use the source, Luke!', I'm probably afraid...


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