QSIC update and request

David Bridgham dab at froghouse.org
Tue Jan 2 12:17:53 CST 2018

On 01/02/2018 01:13 PM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:

> If you mean the 'software' for additional controllers - that would be a _lot_
> harder (plus to which it's an entirely different tool-chain, yadda-yadda).
> 'Use the source, Luke!', I'm probably afraid...

Oh, I hadn't thought of Toby possibly meaning that.  Yeah, I'm unlikely
to write up much documentation on the internals of the QSIC for people
who want to add other devices.  However, not only will the source be
available, I'll be around (hopefully) and will be quite willing to
answer questions.  Shoot, if anyone shows interest I'll probably talk
their ear off about it.

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