Dumping my first EPROM

Brad H vintagecomputer at bettercomputing.net
Tue Jan 2 12:56:02 CST 2018

Just posting this here in case it reaches eyes not in other forums I'm on.


I decided to embark on a project that involves burning a 2708 EPROM.  I've
never messed with EPROMs before, so I decided to practice.  What I have is a
Microworks 2708 'burner' that came with a SWTPC 6800 machine I have.  I
figured I'd start by learning how to read 2708s.


I only had one 2708 lying around to use.  It was installed on a homebrew
'Dynamicro' board (also known as Jon Titus' MMD-1).  It's strange because
the MMD-1 doesn't use 2708s.  This board also had a bunch of ICs on it that
are not what the MMD-1 design calls for.  So I thought this'd be an
interesting EPROM to read anyway, since it might yield a hint as to what the
builder was doing with this board, or if they were just using it to store
random ICs.


Anyway, I fired up the 6800 with the chip in the ZIF socket of the
Microworks board and read the contents into memory.  I then punched it back
out to my PC terminal as S records.  That's as far as I got.  I'm wondering
now how to actually dig into the contents a bit for clues as to what it is.
I've seen posts in the past from people who were able to find strings, etc
that sort of help as clues.  Does anyone know how I'd go further here?
Really curious what was on this one.





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