QSIC update and request

David Bridgham dab at froghouse.org
Tue Jan 2 14:00:16 CST 2018

On 01/02/2018 02:05 PM, Toby Thain via cctalk wrote:

>> Oh, I hadn't thought of Toby possibly meaning that.  Yeah, I'm unlikely
>> to write up much documentation on the internals of the QSIC for people
>> who want to add other devices.  However, not only will the source be
> Yes, that's what I meant. In fact I thought that was the point of the
> device :)

Well, I guess I thought the point was to produce a working replacement
for the disk drives that are nearly unobtainable but if it turns out
that lots of people are seriously interested in developing for the QSIC
itself, then I'll have to revisit that supposition.  In that case, I'd
probably write up more internals documentation than I would otherwise.

> Hope so. And there's always the blog?

Blog?  Is there a blog about the QSIC that I don't know about?  I'm not
much of a blogger but if you get me started talking about things that
interest me I tend to rattle on to excess.

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