DEC H960 stabiliser feet. Have some questions.

Vincent Slyngstad v.slyngstad at
Wed Jan 3 09:28:52 CST 2018

From: Steve Malikoff via cctalk: Tuesday, January 02, 2018 6:24 PM
> I'm in need of some feet for my H960s and am intending to make a few pairs, so 
> I thought I might
> as well try and make them look close to the originals.

> I have some questions-
> Does the (optional?) sheetmetal kickplate play any role in securing these legs 
> to the frame?

I assume by kickplate you mean that piece of square channel that is
bolted to the bottom front of the rack.  My feet seem to be bolted
to it and through it.

> Are the two front screws are only there to hold them on and there is some 
> internal box section that goes
> into the front of the channel on the rack to take the weight?

There's a large fastener (machine screw with a large flat head) running
through the channel with a nut at the bottom, as well as two screws to
keep it from pivoting to the side.  Some of my kickplates have both
front screws and holes, and some only the upper hole.

> Is the outer side tapered? It looks straight.


> If the foot a one piece casting (presumably) or fabricated in some way?

It looks like a one piece casting.

> Is the foot pad thread in the centre of the front of the leg, and is it the 
> same thread and pad as the H960?

Yes.  The foot pad is smaller, but without removing the one on the
rack it is hard to compare the threaded rods.

> Finally I would really appreciate if someone could run a digital caliper over 
> one, and fill in my required
> measurements A through Q in the above drawing. And if you have a radius guage 
> that would really be great.

A is about 9 1/8 inches.
B is 2 3/8 inches.
C is about 2.1 inches.
D is 1.45 inches.
E is 1.3 inches.
F is 1.25 inches.
G is approximately 0.2 inches.
H is 0.9 inches.
The threaded rod for I has a diameter of 0.305 inches.
If J is meant to be the foot pad, the radius is 0.6 inches.
K is 1.0 inches.
Radius L is approximately 1/4 inch.
If M is meant to be the corner bevel, those are a tight corner
 that I can't measure accurately.
N is likewise a tight corner that I don't have a tool to measure.
I didn't find an "O".
P is also too tightly rounded for me to measure.
Q has a 1/8 inch radius.

Hope that helps!


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