DEC H960 stabiliser feet. Have some questions.

steven at steven at
Wed Jan 3 17:26:09 CST 2018

Excellent, that's a great start.
Vince - thanks for the measurements, I will redraw a better 3-view using those. Not sure about how the extra bolt goes though.
Ethan - thanks for confirming the different leg pad to frame pad.
Noel  - that is extremely useful info on the pads, I've now found them at
Paul  - yes I noticed some systems had different legs, for instance this one
        and any p/n info you have from better sources would be welcome.

The part number I found for the legs (H-952-BA) came from the Fall 1978 Digital Sales Catalog, page 129 which has the same p/n for both
Standard and Short cabinets.

I'll cogitate over a revised drawing and get back to the list.
Thanks again,


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