40 pin Berg cable connector recommendations for PDP-11 projects?

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Wed Jan 3 18:11:14 CST 2018

On 01/03/2018 03:03 PM, systems_glitch via cctalk wrote:
> Most IDC connectors will fit just fine. I've use old 40-pin IDE cables
> before. Beware that the keying boss may be too short for the old blue Berg
> housings, allowing the cable to be inserted upside-down (don't depend on
> the keying boss!).
> There are wire housing type connectors you can get, as well, which allow
> individual pins to be crimped to wires and then inserted into the housing.
> Mouser's parametric search will yield many options.

Also, be aware that twisted-pair ribbon cable may be specified on some
of this older stuff. Depending on the length of the run, "straight"
ribbon cable may work, but it's something to pay attention to if you're
in the 10-20 m lengths.

I use the crimp pins and housings all the time.  Recently, I had a
dual-row 8 pin module to plug into another board.  I used the female
Berg housing and pins crimped onto lengths of AWG 18 solid wire, which
in turn was soldered to the PCB.   It saved me from having to order a
special female header.

If you do go the crimp-pin route, get yourself a good crimper made for
the job.--I use one made by/for Molex--it's a spring-loaded ratchet
affair that repeatedly crimps the pins very neatly.

The other thing is to get a good wire stripper that won't nick the
conductors.   I use the "Micro Strip" tool that's often used for
stripping fiber jackets--I originally got mine for stripping wire-wrap wire.

You can sometimes find these tools on the used market.  New, they can be
quite dear.


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