Large discs (Was: Spectre & Meltdown

Alexandre Souza alexandre.tabajara at
Thu Jan 4 20:44:36 CST 2018

Files grew up in size, in an unbelieable scale.

I follow the tips of my friends: Buy new HDs and use old ones for 
storage. I have a 5TB (expensive) external 3 1/2 HD on my home server, 
and some 1TB HDs used as backups. If you count capacity, cheaper than 
DVDs-DL or BDs.

Em 05/01/2018 00:38, Fred Cisin via cctalk escreveu:
> On Thu, 4 Jan 2018, TeoZ wrote:
>> Hard drives NEVER keep up. Bragging about how many DVD's (90's 
>> technology) you can store on current HD means little to people who 
>> have ultra HD Blueray videos that take up to 100GB of space. Heck even 
>> a single game download can be 50GB these days.
> I'd be interested in hearing about opinions of the 100GB "M-disc".  I've 
> heard that they have decent longevity, and, the "low" capacity ones are 
> interchangeable with conventional DVDs.
> I can still put 20 100GB DVDs (2017 technology) on a 2TB 2.5" Thin SATA.
> However, I'm also looking for multi-terabyte storage.
> Are higher capacity DVDs on their way?
> Howzbout multi-TearByte SSDs?
>> And I wouldn't mind one of those old networked DVD changers (I think 
>> Sony sold them commercially) to play around with.
> I still want one of the ones that Kieth Hensen designed. Converting it 
> from CD to DVD would be completely TRIVIAL (finding DVD drives with 
> suitable form factors and loading options)
> -- 
> Grumpy Ol' Fred             cisin at
>> I always wanted Keith Hensen's "Kubik"? CD changer.  Big "carousel slide
>> tray" full of 240?! CDs/DVDs, in a square box, with a drive in each
>> corner.  The drives were SCSI, and the load/unload/select control was
>> RS232. The big square boxes could be stacked, for a larger collection, 
>> and
>> there was a trivial mod to make the tray removable, so that the top box
>> could be swapped with as many trays as you had shelf space for.
>> 'course hard drives caught up, and I now have about a thousand DVDs in
>> MP4s on a shirt pocket HDD.  (including ALL of the Doctor Who's that were
>> released on DVD, Red Dwarf 1 - XII, Dark Matter, Torchwood, Twilight 
>> Zone,
>> Prisoner, Marx Brothers, Doc Martin, One Foot In The Grave, etc.) The DVD
>> images (V .MP4) take over 5TB.

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