non-PC Floppy imaging

Guy Sotomayor ggs at
Fri Jan 5 13:52:56 CST 2018


I now have a number of uCode diskettes for my IBM 4331.  I would somehow like to image them so:
a) I have backups in case the floppies themselves go bad
b) be able to investigate their contents in case I have to “merge” the contents of multiple floppies to
     make a single good one

These are all 8” diskettes.

The complicating factors in all of this are:
a) any text (e.g. strings) are going to be in EBCDIC rather than ASCII
b) each uCode diskette was presumably serialized to the CPU it was for
c) not sure what the “on-disk” structure looks like
d) the only 8” diskette drives that I have are in IBM (non-PC) equipment

Any ideas/comments would be welcome.


TTFN - Guy

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