DEC H960 stabiliser feet. Have some questions.

steven at steven at
Sat Jan 6 06:04:40 CST 2018

Using the measurements provided by Vince I've rejigged the drawing a bit and it ought to be closer.
I hope this shows what was meant by the angled corner part, seems logical to have it like that.
The radii 'too small to measure' without a gauge was entered as 1/16" and it looks acceptable.

Basic layout, no measurements just a cm/inch scale:

Measurements (my CAD program converts everything to metric, when I entered in Vince's measurements):

How it might look, so far, attached to the H960 (no kickplate):

I had thought the hole in the front corner of the H960 was for a front panel pivot, but it seems the foot
does actually use it.

I don't have the kickplate nor access to measuring one, so that probably changes it a bit too.


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