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>>> Hi,
>>> I now have a number of uCode diskettes for my IBM 4331.  I would
>> somehow like to image them so:
>>> a) I have backups in case the floppies themselves go bad
>>> b) be able to investigate their contents in case I have to “merge” the
>> contents of multiple floppies to
>>>      make a single good one
>> Any possibility the 4331 can write to a floppy?  I know next to nothing of this
>> hardware.  But, I know the VAX 11/780 really well. You could make copies of
>> its console floppy on that drive, once the OS was up.
> Yes it can, it writes error log data to the floppy. It’s a pity most of the operating guides to the 43xx boxes are lost which would be usefull as they will have instructions on how to back up the diskettes,

I was reading that last night (as well as the CE being able to “patch” the uCode and save it on the floppy).

I have an entire FE cart (both sides) full of manuals for various parts of my 4331 (and peripherals).  I haven’t looked through all of them (including various other manuals in a several foot long holder) to see if there’s an operating guide in there or not.

TTFN - Guy

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