DEC tape drives and cards

shadoooo shadoooo at
Sat Jan 6 04:51:44 CST 2018

I have some doubt about DEC tape units and related interfaces.

What I know about (right or wrong, please correct):
- TU80 is a Pertec drive, it needs M7454 (unibus, TS11 driver) which is a
modified Dilog DU132. No option for QBUS.

- TS05 is a Pertec drive, it needs TSV05 (qbus, TSV05 driver) which is a
modified Emulex ???)

- TU81 plus is LESI or Pertec, you need KLESI (unibus / qbus, TMSCP driver).

Now the questions:
I have both a TU80 and TU81plus, and both Unibus and Qbus machines, but no
I would like to connect at least TU80 to unibus, and TU81 to qbus, but for
backup reasons it would be better to have both drives on both busses.

What are the DEC or third party card which would fit better on my drives,
and/or which would offer better driver compatibility with various OSs (via
switchable configuration).

I'm not sure about interface compatibility (Pertec interfaces could be
and driver compatibility (what is better for RT11, what for BSD, what for

I would accept also some offer to my email, if somebody has something
interesting to sell (better if in EU).


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