DEC tape drives and cards

Jon Elson elson at
Sat Jan 6 10:53:28 CST 2018

On 01/06/2018 04:51 AM, shadoooo via cctech wrote:
> Hello,
> I have some doubt about DEC tape units and related interfaces.
> What I know about (right or wrong, please correct):
> - TU80 is a Pertec drive, it needs M7454 (unibus, TS11 driver) which is a
> modified Dilog DU132. No option for QBUS.
Well, not from DEC.  I did have a Pertec T9000 (same as 
TU45) on my uVAX system, using an MDB MLSI-TM11 controller.
It emulated the DEC TM11, which was never available in a 
Q-bus version.  However, even with my limited VMS driver 
skills, I was pretty easily able to get the TM11 driver 
converted to work on Q-bus.

I also figured out how to set up a system so the 
non-volatile config memory could be accessed via the uVAX 
console monitor.

I do have source and .exe of that driver, but it is for a 
VMS 4.7 system.


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