Spectre & Meltdown

Ken Seefried seefriek at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 14:30:44 CST 2018

From: Murray McCullough <c.murray.mccullough at gmail.com>
>This may be off-topic but these latest uprocessor exploits has raised
>a question: Are the 'old/classic' uprocessors using x86 technology in
>the same boat?

The exploit effects the speculative execution facility, so no it's not
"all P6 forward": nothing 32-bit or PAE, nothing just OOO, etc.  The
current word I have (from my risk management folks, who got it from
Intel) is the oldest chips verified to be affected are the Xeon 3400
(server) and 2nd Gen Core (desktop) processors.  So, probably nothing
later than 2009 or so.


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