Spare parts for VT1xx available.

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Sat Jan 6 14:50:43 CST 2018

I was given three VT100 and one VT131 in not great condition.

The biggest problem is that the keyboards are missing approximately 25% of
the keys in average. For example all SETUP keys and NO SCROLL keys are
missing. God know why.

It makes little point for me try to find keytops for these four keyboards.
Besides they are not actually matching the terminals except for one of
them. Apparently the VT131 keyboard is slightly different from the VT100.
Then two of the VT100 has a different first ROM chip and also an extra char
gen chip (23-108E2 and 23-198E2). Seems to be some kind of European/
Swedish/Scandinavian chargen and keyboard layout. The keyboards I received
has US layout.

I checked two PSUs, one monitor board, and one basic video (logic board)
which seem to work OK. One keyboard tested and is working electrically.

The cases are from OK to in quite ugly shape and the CRTs are from minimal
screen burn to quite some screen burn (due to long time with inverse video).

Is there interest in a full terminal? Parts? Keytops? I will probably keep
one or two flyback transformers to keep the ones I have going.

I am in Sweden.


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