Tek 40xx computer users

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 6 23:54:13 CST 2018

Hi Gary,

Well its been a year.

Some news from here:

Micheal Cranford finished his MAXIPACK and FASTGRAPHICS PACK, and the results are awesome.

50-100% increase in the graphics speed, and he put all the demos and games on the MAXIPACK.

I 3D printed the plastic case for the PACKs and they look good.

I would like to see if we can work together, to clone the ROMs out of the packs you have, or see if you are willing to sell duplicates you have.

I really need a communications PACK, my 4051 did not have the comm port.  I have no way to transfer data in and out, I was going to attempt it over GPIB, bit I did not get very far.

What is new from your end?

I think we are trying to organize a 405x users group, I am talking with a few other guys.



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Congrats on your new Tek.    My 4051 pile came from came indirectly from
Gary Spence, who had inhouse involvement with the model. (can't locate his
bio at the moment)  Here's what I got... somewhere:

4051, 2x 4907 Dual 8" floppys, and the "System Test Fixture" front panel, a
box of DC300 tapes
"GAS 6800"  - a Homebrew 4051  (maybe a prototype   4051  ???)

and  these paks:

RS232 I/O compak
dual port memorypack
UNIBURN EPROM burner pack
VIDEOFRAME digitizer
GPIB Enhancement rompack
RS232 Printer Interface
Parallel Interface
Rompack Switch
Data Communications Interface
8k Rom pack
Addressable Data Tracking backpack
IC Analyzer
Editor Pack
Filemanager Pack
Binary Program Loader Pack
Signal Processor Pack
Service Pack
Pack extender board
a few empty packs and several wired edges

On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 10:15 PM, Randy Dawson <rdawson16 at hotmail.com>

> I bought the Tek 4051 on ebay today; Jason brought it to my house and it
> works perfectly, with about a half hour of programming instruction my 12
> old daughter was plotting a cat face.
> https://www.facebook.com/Thelma.Franco/videos/10154277153852670/
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> I would like to get in touch with other users of this first personal
> computer, and find additional resources.
> Do you know where I can find an archive of BASIC programs for this?
> Has anybody built plug in cards in the back, mine came with a realtime
> clock and a "file manager", I do not know what that one does.
> I have some Tek scopes with IEE-488, and I will see if I can get the IEEE
> interface working.
> There was a DC300 tape in the machine:
> biorithm
> craps
> blackjack
> artillery
> tanks
> weatherwar
> The belt is broken in the tape, I have ordered some new DC300's and will
> transplant the tape.
> Any resources will be welcome!
> Randy

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