DEC H960 stabiliser feet. Have some questions.

Pete Turnbull pete at
Sun Jan 7 06:39:44 CST 2018

On 07/01/2018 07:57, Steve Malikoff via cctalk wrote:

> I can't find anything suitable on MMC 
> (
> ) so Chuck's probably right, machine them up. Maybe start from a long
>  5/16" shank hex-head bolt and put the countersink and 1/4-20 thread
>  on.

That should work.

> Thanks for the drawing for the kickplate. I'm assuming the plate goes
> on after the feet have been placed on the rack, and the #10 screws
> hold it all together. I'm guessing the kickplate is 16 guage 
> sheetmetal..?

Near enough, my micrometer says between 1.65mm and 1.70mm, the variation 
probably being due to the paint.  For our American listeners, that's 
16SWG (not AWG!).

Pete Turnbull

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