DEC H960 stabiliser feet. Have some questions.

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Jan 7 08:00:34 CST 2018

    > From: Steven Malikoff

    > Using the new bolt info, it's refined a little more:

I just took a quick glance at this, and noticed on major thing that's off:
you're showing the bottom side of the stabilizer foot as at right angles to
the vertical of the rack; it's not. See here:

in which I have attempted to place the ruler at a right angle to the vertical
(as available in the plate where the two horizontal bolts go through).

I _guess_ I could try and work out how to measure the amount of drop; maybe I
can get one side of a T-square onto that vertical (on the front), get a
horizontal from that, and start measuring...

    > I'm assuming the plate goes on after the feet have been placed on the
    > rack, and the #10 screws hold it all together.

There are two different kinds of kickplates:

Both have to go on after the feet, since the bolts go through these, and then
through the feet, into the rack. The newer (I think) 'diagonal' ones don't
cover the top of the feet, so you can tighten the large vertical bolt after
the two smaller horizontal bolts. The latter are sort of necessary; there's
often some play in the stabilizer foot, even with the large vertical bolt

(BTW: here: 

is an image of one of those, which I posted a while back.)

    > I'm guessing the kickplate is 16 guage sheetmetal..?

My vernier caliper says 1.66mm (including paint, of course); whatever that
turns into. Both types are the same.


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