Tek 40xx computer users

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I think Bob Rosenbloom as a bunch of Tek stuff. He may not be watching the CCTALK right now but you might send him a note.


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On 07.01.2018 07:01, Randy Dawson via cctalk wrote:
> This was for Mike Hass, he was not in the email chain, and I do not have his address.
> But it' s a general shout out to the other Tek 40xx users out there...

There are a number of us over and the vcfed forum, someone just brought his 4052 back to live after countless years.

I myself restored my 4052 a couple of months ago, a second one needs powersupply checkout and has an as yet undetermined problem in the analog board.

I am in the process of recreating the 4052/4054 diagnostic pack.
Give a shout if you need one, less than 7 parties at the moment.....

I'd therefore be interested in the source code for the 3D printed cartridge case.
This  will need updates to accomodate the LED and switches.

I myself would be interested in obtaining, or recreating, a suitable long term storage option for the 4052, i.e. floppy or even SD card.

Then again, TekBasic is really bloody awful, maybe we should spend time on brining somre proper software top the system.....


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