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> Hello,
> I also have a Dilog SU723A, but never managed to find any docs for it.
> My board is revision D.
> It works be very nice to find something.
> As the MSCP / TMSCP selection is only a matter of firmware, I wouldn't be
> surprised if the MSCP SU726A was the same board with different PROM.
> Andrea

Does the 723 work differently than the 726?

I'd saved the below 726 info from somewhere.

Info re Dilog SU726A

There is, indeed, a serial port. I have 
found documentation for other
DiLog boards and on them the serial port 
is relatively standard
(unlike the Viking, on which the serial 
signals are embedded on the
SCSI connector I think).

The documentation also suggests there 
may be two methods to get at
setup from the system console.

The first method (loading 77777 into 
<SA> and then jumping to 2000)
hasn't worked so far. I am about to try 
booting from 175000 to see if
that works. Otherwise, I will have to 
look for the appropriate serial

The documentation I have for a different 
DiLog board gives a Digital
part number BC20N-05 for the serial 
cable, and also gives the pin-outs.

Here are the details:

Method 1: You need to know what address 
the board is set for. The
board has two consecutive addresses in 
the I/O page. In console ODT,
open up the first address and deposit 0. 
Open up the second address
and deposit 77777. Start executing at 
location 2000, thus:

@17760344/xxxxxx 0<LF>
@17760346/xxxxxx 77777<CR>

Method 2: Install jumpers at JP13 and 
JP14. Boot from address
175000, thus:


In either case you get an "*" prompt. 
Type FT to start the setup
program. (You can also specify a device 
to boot from by entering a
device name and unit number here.)

Hope this helps the next guy.

- Rob
Rob Brown brown at

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