Getting Sun Sparcstation 10 to recognize its graphics card

william degnan billdegnan at
Tue Jan 9 15:18:26 CST 2018

Working from this page to configure my sparcstation 10 after NVRAM

...but curious is there an installation manual or whatever specific to the
video card in my system, a TurboXGX with STP3010GPA chip

I have Solaris 4 installed.  I am guessing around trying different things.
With help I have the OS installed but so far I can't get the system to
recognize the video card and Sun keyboard.  With these installed it freezes
the, I am using a serial terminal to interact with the system.
The video display I have is an SGI GDM-20D11

Eventually I'll poke through to the solution, this is my first Sun box, up
to this point they were "too new" but I'd like to learn how to perform a
system install.

If I find the answers I am looking for I'll post here.


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