New Items from Sellam's Collection For Sale (8-bit Bonanza)

Sellam Ismail sellam.ismail at
Wed Jan 10 02:34:09 CST 2018

Hello Folks,

I've listed a bunch of new items for sale, all of them 8-bit boxed
computers and peripherals.

Apple Joystick IIe and IIc (boxed) - $65
Atari 1027 Letter Quality Printer (boxed) - $45
Commodore 64 (boxed, incomplete, bad video) - $55
Commodore MPS-803 Printer (boxed) - $50
Databar OSCAR Optical Scanning Reader for TI 99/4a (boxed, incomplete) - $40
Dauphin DTR-1 "Desktop Replacement" (boxed)* - qty. 2, both work; 2nd unit
is missing its stylus; both units require minor solder repair to power
supply connector - $250 for first unit, $150 for second unit, $350 for both
Gibson Light Pen System for Apple II/II+/IIe (boxed) - $40
IBM PC Convertible Serial/Parallel Interface (boxed) - $15
IBM PCjr Joystick (boxed, shrinkwrapped, qty. 2) - $20 each
Logitech ScanMan Handheld Scanner (boxed) - $25
Radio Shack TRS-80 Deluxe Joystick Cat. No. 26-3012A (boxed) - $35
Science Fair [Radio Shack Cat. No. 28-218] Digital Computer Kit (boxed) -
Thrustmaster Rudder Control System (IBM and Mac) (boxed) - $25
Flight Link AV-C Flight Simulator Controls - hardware only; needs work; not
boxed - $250
Wico Merlin Joystick (boxed) - $20
Yamaha CX5M Music Computer (boxed) - $165

More information is available on the VCFed forums at the following link:

I also created an unboxing video for your viewing pleasure:

The description has a video index in case you want to jump to specific

As always, please reply directly to me via e-mail for the fastest response.



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