Getting Sun Sparcstation 10 to recognize its graphics card

Jonathan Katz jon at
Wed Jan 10 06:03:50 CST 2018

On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 7:54 AM, Rico Pajarola via cctalk <
cctalk at> wrote:

> I assume it's just the screen staying blank. Note that using an SGI monitor
> on a sun using a 13W3 to 13W3 cable will not work. There's 2 ways around
> it: you can either use a 13W3 to BNC cable connected to a BNC to 13W3 cable
> to connect the monitor, thus disconnecting all non-RGB pins, or you can cut
> off the extra (non-RGB) pins on either side of the cable (I've successfully
> done that to connect SGI machines to SUN monitors but it should work the
> other way around too).
I may have gotten the SUNW system -> SGI Monitor thing backwards. There are
cobwebs in this part of my brain!

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