Getting Sun Sparcstation 10 to recognize its graphics card

william degnan billdegnan at
Wed Jan 10 08:23:31 CST 2018

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> Yeah, I use a 13W3 adapter and a VGA Samsung SyncMaster LCD on my bench.
> The adapter is generic and happens to work on both Sun and SGI machines (as
> mentioned, this is not guaranteed).
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
At this point I see the scrolling bars of a synch issue.  I can drop using
STOP A to the OK prompt (even though I can't actually see it) and run the
boot command from the keyboard confirming that I can at least use the
keyboard now and initiate a reboot without serial terminal.  So my machine
is probably getting closer to what I wanted even if so far I don't have the
correct display / cable combo installed.  I have a lot of displays and
13W3/4 wire/VGA converter cables/etc to mess around with so sooner or later
I will get one.


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