Generic Cassette interfaces (was: data cassette and robotic arms)

Kelly Leavitt kelly at
Wed Jan 10 13:30:42 CST 2018

All this talk about computer cassette data got me reminiscing.

Back in the late 80's and early 90's I worked programming remote Campbell Scientific data loggers for an environmental engineering group. The device could store well head data for several days and monitor 8 wells from one data logger. Field techs (like me) would go around the active sites and download the data from the units onto cassette tapes using a device like this:

Here's some technical info on the device:

When we got back, the data would be read from cassette into VisiCalc on the TRS-80 model IIs we used.

Later I wrote a program to read the data into Microsoft multiplan running under Tandy Xenix. We'd plug the interface into a terminal aux port, open it for reading, then convert it into a SYLK layout.

Were there other devices that did data transport like that.


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