PDP11 media looking for a good home

Paul Koning paulkoning at comcast.net
Wed Jan 10 14:18:21 CST 2018


I have two items that I'd like to send to a good home.  That means, someone who can read the item in question and make it available so it's preserved.

1. A DECtape labeled "VT30 distribution for RSX11D V06-B".  VT30 is a DEC CSS product, a color alphanumeric terminal.

2. An RA60 pack labeled "RT11 V5.6" and possibly (it's hard to see) "kit".  That "kit" seems a bit unlikely, an RA60 is way bigger than makes sense for an RT11 kit.  But if it were a source pack that would be a different matter.

#2 was found in an abandoned DEC facility; #1 I don't remember, possibly the same.

An RA60 pack looks physically like an RM03 pack, but its capacity is much larger so the format is entirely different.  A PDP11 or VAX with an RA60 drive should be able to read it.

If you have the ability to use one or both of these and are willing to read the data and post it, please contact me.


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