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> Looks like it might be this system from the 1993 timeframe?
> The IBM RISC System/6000 7011 Model 250, Page 1-22
> _System_Overview_7ed_Oct93.pdf
> 66-MHz 601 PowerPC processor
> 16MB standard system memory
One integrated SCSI-2 controller
One integrated Ethernet IEEE 802.3 port, with a communication rate of
10Mbps. A thick (10Base5) connector is standard on the system and a
twisted pair (10BaseT) adapter is included standard with each system;
an optional transceiver for use with thin (10base2) connectors is
Type-3 Micro Channel adapter slots
One diskette bay available for expansion
Standard device ports and connectors:
  Keyboard/speaker port
  Mouse port
  Tablet port
  Two serial ports
  Parallel printer port
  SCSI-2 SE port
  Ethernet port

ie a far deal faster than an base-line Sun SS10
and AUI for the Ethernet connection (with included vampire-tap
It is concurrent with the IPX (small box and the same time-frame.)

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