DECtape madness

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Sat Jan 13 10:52:26 CST 2018

So, where were all these people when I was trying to clean out
my old house a couple years ago?  I threw out piles of tapes of
various formats because I couldn't find anyone to take them for
postage.  I also threw out piles of other stuff (some of it old DEC
and Sun kit) after offering it on eBay and getting zero bids.  The
only thing I have successfully sold thru eBay was an antique
claw-foot bathtub.  I have stuff now that will likely go in the trash
because I really can't affords the space to be a storage locker
any more.


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> So why are reels of DECtape selling for unbelievable prices on eBait? See,
> e.g. here:

I had those on my watch-list and just shake my head at the astonishing
prices for the things.

I've wondered if you might not make DECtape tape from 3/4" video tape.
I know that DECtape has mylar on both sides but what if you somehow
glued two strips of video tape together with the mylar backing on the
outside.  Probably want to build a jig of some sort and I'm not sure
what glue to use.

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