GT-40 etc.

jim stephens jwsmail at
Sat Jan 13 14:36:17 CST 2018

On 1/13/2018 10:15 AM, Ali via cctalk wrote:
>> I'm going to disagree with Al, though - I don't think it's going to go
>> for that much, it's 'local pickup only'. That's going to severely limit
>> the bidder pool.
> For us non DEC aficionados why is there potential for the system to go for
> insane amounts of money? Does it have some rare piece of HW? Is it the
> providence?
> -Ali
There was a current or former list member (I think) with a functional 
GT-40 listed for $50,000 or so last year.  I don't know if it was sold, 
or withdrawn.  One lit up as this one was would be pretty valuable.

It has the potential to go for that.  The components at current states 
of scarcity and the condition of this system make it look like it should 
go for a lot.

Depending on the circumstances of this system I'd have hired an auction 
house to sell this off.  Not sure if the museums have been approached 
and passed on it.  CHM I don't think can take anything, not sure about 
LCM.  Maybe Dave Mcguires operation in Pittsburg can collect it.   
Listing it at a $1000 no reserve auction on ebay will take it a catch as 
catch can as you say as far as maximum buyer.

It may have to move or face destruction, limiting the seller's options.

I'd hate to see it not be fully exploited.   Breaking it up will be a shame.

It has already made a journey from the west coast, not sure how much it 
was assembled by the current owner.  It might only be a freight problem.

And breaking it up into an 8 system and the GT40 hopefully will be done 
correctly if it is done.


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