Sold on eBay: Convergent Technologies S/50 a.k.a. Unix PC, AT&T 3B1 Unix Workstation

AJ Palmgren microtechdart at
Sat Jan 13 22:31:09 CST 2018

Bill, you're talking about the seller, yes?

That's fantastic!  I totally missed the MiniFrame auction altogether.  A
completed listings lookup found it:

I'm VERY glad that you have that!

Previous to you mentioning this, I've only been aware of one MiniFrame
(I've confirmed) in existence, and it looks like you have yet another, even
nicer one!

My page for my (now previous) MiniFrame archive:

I'll contact you directly for more details on this.  Fantastic!

On Sat, Jan 13, 2018 at 7:28 PM, Al Kossow via cctalk <cctalk at
> wrote:

> On 1/13/18 7:06 PM, Bill Gunshannon via cctalk wrote:
> > I'm just wondering if anybody here did (or knows who) bought this one.
> no, but I bought his miniframe, which is very clean.
> I used my mfm emulator to image the disks, I haven't had time yet to see
> what condition
> the cartridge tapes are in or to compare the eproms with what has already
> been dumped
> he is local, and worked at convergent.


AJ Palmgren

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