Which Operating System for my DCC-116 E / Entrex 480 / Nixdorf 620 / Data General Nova 1200 clone ?

Dominique Carlier dce at skynet.be
Mon Jan 15 06:22:56 CST 2018

Hi everybody !

I captured very beautiful images in the idea to make a new video but I 
don't found the time to focus on that yet. There are a lot of changes in 
my small “data center” ;-)
Currently I gather all my big pieces in a single place, here my VAX 
4000-505A joined the D-116 :




I'm currently populating a third rack that will contain soon an IBM 
industrial PC, measurement tools (spectrum analyzer, oscilloscopes), and 
floppy drives of all generations (8 inches, 5 1/4, 3 1/2 ). The idea is 
be able to generate from these machines all sorts of old bootable media .


I'm still looking for another Operating System, an RDOS version 
compatible with my machine (it should be compatible with Nova 1200, Nova 
800 and possibly even Nova 2), according to Bruce Ray, the model of the 
disc cartridge controller (for the Diablo 44) is a determining factor 
concerning the possibility or not to be able to install RDOS on my system.

But here, the references shown on the controller are those of Nixdorf, I 
do not know what kind of Data General controller this board is the 

Here are the references visible on this board :

2456 00 MP-Kontroller D44an620 6393500215 2456 7 0 1577

R32-33 19.12.78-9

Some pictures :


I should be really happy to install another Operating System for my dear 
DG Nova clone :-)


On 15/01/2018 04:06, AJ Palmgren wrote:
> Dominique,
> Just checking in with you on this, and to thank you for posting your 
> interest in this system here.
> Do you have any updates, or perhaps new videos of it operating?
> Thank you!
> -AJ
> On Wed, Oct 4, 2017 at 1:33 PM, Dominique Carlier via cctalk 
> <cctalk at classiccmp.org <mailto:cctalk at classiccmp.org>> wrote:
>     Hi all
>     I start here another topic concerning my research about a new
>     Operating System for my freshly restored DCC-116 E.
>     http://www.zeltrax.com/classiccmp_forum/second_boot/04.jpg
>     <http://www.zeltrax.com/classiccmp_forum/second_boot/04.jpg>
>     http://www.zeltrax.com/classiccmp_forum/second_boot/02.jpg
>     <http://www.zeltrax.com/classiccmp_forum/second_boot/02.jpg>
>     I originally intended to install RDOS on my machine but it seems
>     very difficult to find the files needed to make a system
>     installation tape.
>     I do not know well the subject yet, I don't found clear
>     information about the compatibility of my clone with the original
>     RDOS from Data General.
>     Thus, before trying the impossible, I would like to know if
>     another OS are available for my machine ?
>     I would like to be able to do basic things like :
>     - Be able to manage my devices, copy files from tape to disk or
>     vice versa.
>     - Be able to list directories, create subdirectories.
>     - Write and read text files that I could send on my drum printer.
>     - Have some communication software, tty, rs-232 (for the day I
>     find a comm board).
>     - Some diagnostic tools to check core memory, disk, tapes.
>     - Being able to write in a simple programming language such as
>     BASIC would be great.
>     - Be able to use simultaneously more than one Entrex terminal.
>     - Maybe a database software ... ?
>     Of course I am also interested in anything that goes beyond that.
>     I also have more bizarre projects with this machine like
>     generating algorithms to trace small animations on an analog
>     oscilloscope and ... well, another chapter ;-)
>     To recap, here the specifications of my system:
>     Computer : D-116, clone of a DG Nova 1230 with 17 slots, also
>     known as "Entrex 480" and "Nixdorf 620"
>     Core memory : 64 kW
>     Terminal : ENTREX DATA/SCOPE
>     Disk Cartridge : Diablo Model 40
>     Mag-tape : Pertec 8840A (800 bpi)
>     Line drum printer : Data Products model 2230
>     As the machine was distributed by Nixdorf, the identification of
>     the tape and disk controllers is a bit difficult, but I can take
>     detailed pictures.
>     Thanks a lot for your help !
>     Dominique

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