Livingston Portmaster 2e

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Mon Jan 15 15:08:14 CST 2018

> I was curious as to what this was so I Googled it.
> A couple appear on epay -
> Wow - not sure of that’s a realistic expectation of what they're worth or not.

I used to do quite a bit with Livisington Portmasters. They were used to 
allow dialup ISPs to function in the early days before modems went direct 
digital (T1/E1/PRI) by providing serial ports and it could terminate SLIP 
and PPP.

You can also set it to up allow telnet (not ssh) to the unit and each tcp 
port # would pass thru to the serial port on the unit. So I had a few 
hooked to all the serial consoles of Sun and SGI boxes.

Like a Cyclades.

I still have a PM-2E which is the thinner version that needs special 
breakout cables from 50 or 68 pin scsi connectors to DB25. I have a number 
of the cables too, could use a home for them -- could bring it to VCF 
East if interest.

Also, a friend recently reverse engineered the password reset function for 
these so it's possible to reset the password without paying on the other 

: Ethan O'Toole

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