Livingston Portmaster 2e

Ali cctalk at
Mon Jan 15 15:52:15 CST 2018

> You can also set it to up allow telnet (not ssh) to the unit and each
> tcp port # would pass thru to the serial port on the unit. So I had a
> few hooked to all the serial consoles of Sun and SGI boxes.

I had sent this question to Kevin too but since you have experience with the device I will pick your brain as well if you don't mind:

Can this be used to connect a bunch of devices to one terminal, for example routers, printers, UPSes, etc.? All of these devices allow direct serial connection over the telnet protocol. Currently I use a portable computer and have to connect disconnect the serial cable to access them each time. I am looking for a solution where I can have them all connected and then use a terminal to access them w/o cable connect/disconnects. Thanks.


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