Google, Wikipedia directly on ASCII terminal?

Martin Meiner martin at
Tue Jan 16 02:19:34 CST 2018

Hello guys. 

I am a passionate collector of old computerhardware (PDP8’s) and terminals from the very early 70ies. 

It has always been my aim to be able toconnect a modem or an acoustic coupler directly to one of my ASCII terminals,dial a number and be connected…with Google! 

Something like Google-interface but convertedto match ASCII terminals (only text, very simple graphics). 

I am aware that all searches that returnpicture sand graphics will not be displayed. But at least search-page should bein plain text, and many websites may as well. Wikipedia would be great… 

Does anybody know if there exists such anaccess-number where this conversion is already made, or is there a small deviceon the market that allows on one side connect to a dial-up modem and on theother side to the terminal and doing the ASCII conversion stand-alone? 

 It would be really cool to be able todemonstrate to folks that these terminals can actually look up pages on Googleand (with limitations) also access some pages. 

Something similar has actually been done in an artisticway a few years ago under:

But I need the real thing working where I canconnect my terminals to… 

Any help is appreciated

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