Which Operating System for my DCC-116 E / Entrex 480 / Nixdorf 620 / Data General Nova 1200 clone ?

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Tue Jan 16 08:19:20 CST 2018

The 'other Jay' wrote...
Diagnostics for DG systems are notoriously difficult to find.  I have a few, in listing format.
I have a full official DG-issued/labeled original diagnostic OS tape. I do believe it is at 800bpi though. If I had an 800 bpi drive (everything I have is 1600-6250) I'd image it for everyone.

I have a nice S/130 rack that I was almost finished restoring till Bruce Ray stopped responding. It's been sitting in my workshop for years now and I may have to just get rid of it. Next to it is a pile of about 8 nova 800/1200 cpus (all stuffed with boards) that I was going to start on next, but was waiting till the S/130 was done. I'd like to get done with them so I can move on to other machines that need to be restored... but may have to just move them out altogether.

I'm wary of just sending the tape through the mail for imaging.... maybe I can find someone local with an 800 bpi tape drive and eric smith's tapeutils.


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