DECtape madness

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Tue Jan 16 12:04:11 CST 2018

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> I've wondered if you might not make DECtape tape from 3/4" video tape.
> I know that DECtape has mylar on both sides but what if you somehow
> glued two strips of video tape together with the mylar backing on the
> outside.  Probably want to build a jig of some sort and I'm not sure
> what glue to use.

I have read on several occasions about the mylar on both faces of the
tape.  I have over 300 reels of DECTape in my collection.  Most of these
are 3M Scotch branded but around 30 of them are DEC branded in the blue
plastic boxes.  I have never seen one with mylar on both sides.  This may
have been something that existed early on but certainly wasn't the norm.

Doug Ingraham
PDP-8 SN 1175

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