Google, Wikipedia directly on ASCII terminal?

Ali cctalk at
Tue Jan 16 14:55:24 CST 2018

> I tried one out on a tandy 1000 and it worked flawlessly. I had set up
> linux system and made it remotely accessable via telnet, and was able
> to reach it via the dos running tandy 1000. I did not have the correct
> adapter at the time, but i dont see anything stopping you from plugging
> it into a vt100 directly.

Now that is interesting. So how does it work? Once you plug it in to your modem do you use your favorite term program (e.g. Procomm Plus, Telix, etc.) to dial into a telnet system? At modem speeds? I assume it does not emulate the lovely modem handshake signs though? 


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