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On 01/16/2018 02:21 PM, Mark G Thomas via cctalk wrote:
> Teltone and several other companies made/make phone line similators which 
> provide battery, dial tone, ringing, caller ID (sometimes), DTMF (and 
> maybe even pulse?) dialing between several ports. These are designed 
> for testing and demonstrating fax machines, modems, and other analog 
> phone gear.  I'm not talking about the sophisticated bench testing 
> gear simulators which provide simulated line loss, delays, and noise, 
> but the simple small portable 2-8 line devices. A quick search on e-bay 
> produces lots of listings for these devices.

Yep, such simulators will (should) work nicely.

I (mis)took Anders comment to be wanting to do something more akin to a 
cross over cable, possibly with audio induced.

If I were ever to try to do something like this I'd likely use an old 
'Partner' phone system or an Asterisk (FreePBX / FreeSWITCH) box with 
the analog FXS ports.  If I went the Asterisk (et al) route, I'd also 
likely try getting soft modems to interface so that the devices 
connected to the FXS could dial virtual (software) modems and their 
associated TTYs on the box.  -  Seeing as how everything is local, and 
likely using the u-law codec without worrying about bandwidth in box. 
Hopefully that would work reliably enough to allow playing with things.

I do know that I've gotten (33.6?) fax to work across an IAXy ATA and 
it's proprietary codec fairly well.  So I expect that it would be 
possible to get slower (14.4,or lower) modems to work fairly reliably.

Now I'm wanting to re-acquire some POTS devices to play.  :-/  My wife 
isn't going to like that.

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Grant. . . .
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